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A guy that I really seriously thought I liked (lets say his name is Fred), thought it would be cool to hang out with a bunch of people he didn't really know/like, just so he could hang out and talk to me.

Well, the problem with Fred is that he doesn't think about what he's saying before he talks, he just goes and goes forever, and it's not even educated rambling... it's just... AOSGHAWOUEHAWIORUGHWEUH!

*cough* We kept telling him as politely as we could that we didn't want him around anymore. We begged, we pleaded, but we could not get this asshat to leave us alone.

And then he said something to my friend, fanatic_pixie.
"You aren't that good of a clarinet player, so I doubt you'll get first chair."
For those of you who aren't band geeks: You aren't good enough.

THIS IS NOT SOMETHING YOU FUCKING SAY TO ANOTHER PERSON. Especially a person who really is a good clarinet player. I tell the fucker that she's good, and that he needs to leave her alone. His response: I don't think I was talking to you.


He finally went away when we mentioned alcohol and getting trashed. Oh my god, that was seriously the best moment of my life.

Besides later that night when Rosheen (the Scottish girl visiting our tiny little town) did this:

Dent den DEN, dent den DEN, dent den DEN, FOXY! *claw thing*

I think I'm done.

PS: I hate it when people promote their fucking rating communities on my FO post.

Fucking asshats.
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