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6th January 2007

chasing_love7:33pm: I hate being your boss

6th June 2005

onemoc_85_g3:01am: new here and all- current cause for undeserved bitterness- Onex and Boeing Machinists...

AAARRGGGHHH Every year, I hear non-stop about your stinking lay-offs and how hard it's gonna be for you over-paid general laborers. Now I'm have to compete against 1000 stuck up over-paid jerks who have seeming determined the cost of every product in this stinking city! Maybe for once they won't hold jobs for these sad ****s.

another source of bitterness- anyone I ever dated- you know what- just hate me, it makes it so much easier (because somewhere deep down inside I utterly despise you)

12th September 2004

alexababe9:50am: last night my friend and her friend adam gangd up on bc adam didnt like me and didnt want to talk to me when i never wanted to talk to him again ever but no they had to come torture and confuse me and now i hate both of them bc u cant pretend to be sumones friends and then try to make them fall apart....its not anything any humane person would ever do...i hate liza...and i hate adam.....and im using their names to piss them off........FUCK U LIZA GO TO HELL...ADAM KISS MY ASS I HATE U I HOPE U LIVE IN HELL FOR THE REST OF UR LIFE
Current Mood: mischievous

29th August 2004

python_rulez11:28pm: ...
just wanted to say the world is a really fucked up place.
The sexual revolution of the 60s was in reality the indulging of an elite. Only the most good-looking manage to engage in casual sex and one night stands. Liberalism is advocated by people who stand to gain from it and society forgets about the ones who quite simply don't have the looks to engage in such pleasure inducing activities.
The result of this is rising sexual inequality for society in general. Sure, there is more pleasure generated as a whole through liberalism but if one large segment of the population suffers as a result of this and it is an elite that reaps all the gains, can this be positive?
People denounce sex-after-marriage as excessively conservative and deem it to be outdated. Nevertheless, at least other things such as personality were taken into account and everyone had their fair share of sex. Nowadays a person either gets a lot of abundant steamy sex or gets nothing.
Current Mood: cranky

28th August 2004

alexababe9:06pm: im am very bitter.....my ex best friend just turned into a complete bitch bc im dont drink and im not "a bad girl" like i used to say and she thinks im jealous of her bc she met a guy....or she talked to a guy on the com. an he has a gf and shes never met him and she think he loves her and she thinks that im jealous bc of that and she thinks im just "desperate for a guy" but i wouldnt just jump into the arms of the first guy that gave me a second glance like she would.......she can just kiss my goody ass and go to hell and may the fleas of 1000 camels infest her crotch and may her arms be too short to scratch!!!!!!
Current Mood: pissed off

1st August 2004

known_loss9:35pm: I'm bitter.. very bitter. Bitter with myself. I'm nice to everyone in the world - but I'm an asshole to me. I don't get it. Anyone have any advice? Feel free to IM/E-mail me or whatever.

5th July 2004

anarchyange14:00am: Please remove me from this community.

29th June 2004

chasing_love8:38am: *grumble*GRUMBLE*grumble*

politics are fuc*ing lame.
Current Mood: geeky

9th June 2004

anarchyange18:07am: js
Jessica Simpson makes me want to shoot people... mainly her and MYSELF.
She's everywhere, commercials, tv, music videos, magazines, radio, ads, EVERYWHERE DAMNIT! grrrrr I'm bitter towards her
Current Mood: angry
anarchyange18:05am: I HATE EVERYONE


Current Mood: accomplished
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