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just wanted to say the world is a really fucked up place.
The sexual revolution of the 60s was in reality the indulging of an elite. Only the most good-looking manage to engage in casual sex and one night stands. Liberalism is advocated by people who stand to gain from it and society forgets about the ones who quite simply don't have the looks to engage in such pleasure inducing activities.
The result of this is rising sexual inequality for society in general. Sure, there is more pleasure generated as a whole through liberalism but if one large segment of the population suffers as a result of this and it is an elite that reaps all the gains, can this be positive?
People denounce sex-after-marriage as excessively conservative and deem it to be outdated. Nevertheless, at least other things such as personality were taken into account and everyone had their fair share of sex. Nowadays a person either gets a lot of abundant steamy sex or gets nothing.
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